Monday, 24 March 2014

Goal Hand

How did your Hand Goal turn out? What do you like about it? My goal hand turned out really well. I like the the colours I used.

How are your goals going? I have completed a few of them. One of my goals were getting better at counting to 1,000,000 I got a lot better at it very quickly.


Letter to London

Emily Smith
Monday 24 March
Palmerston North
New Zealand 

Dear Julia

Thank you for the package. The double decker bus was cool. The postcards were really cool as well. The who am I questions were pretty hard.

I have never been to London before. We looked up how much it would cost to go to London it was about $2,000. Our transport is not as fancy as yours, we have cars, buses, taxis.

We are going to send you a package back.

Yours Sincerely


Tuesday, 18 March 2014


We have been learning how to create a self-portrait using collage.

To be successful we need to:
Rip small pieces of paper
Stick paper down flat
Create a chin line
Collage in the correct places
Use the correct colours
Use contrasting colours for the background
Work hard and complete the task!

I think I did a good job of using little pieces and using colours 

What I like best about my picture is my brown fluffy hair.