Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cross Country Recount

The run down Skoglund park
On Thursday morning the RSS seniors strolled down to Skoglund park for the cross country.

First Vanessa said, “Line up quietly and wait for my instructions.’’ We all quietly lined up like Vanessa said and waited for her instructions. 
She took a photo and I had on my biggest smile ever. 

We were on our way to Skoglund park. “I can’t wait’’ I yelled to Charlotte. Me, Abby and Charlotte were pretending to be tramping to Scotland. Abby had the sleeping bags and all the light things Charlotte had the food and I had the bag for the tent and all the things you need to build a tent.

Half way through Charlotte wanted me to carry her bag because it was to heavy for her so she had the tent things and I had all the yummy food. 

We were almost there I couldn’t wait. My heart was beating as fast as a cheetah. Then I saw a bird squashed flat like a pancake. 

Finally we were there and I was as nervous as I had ever been before. First it was the year 6 girls I was so happy I wasn’t a year 6 girl because I hate having to go first in races. But I knew one day I would.

I was at the finish line cheering for lots of people. I was cheering so loud that I got such a fright BOOOOM! the horn went for the year 6 boys.

 More and more people were coming as I went on and on chatting to Charlotte, not cheering anymore. Then it was the year five girls my sisters were about to start. BOOOOM! off they went like wind I was so excited that I was about to burst. Then after awhile Bella Abby’s sister strode out into 1st place then came my sister Grace I was so happy Grace came second then came my other sister striving to come 3rd. She did it I couldn’t believe what they did.

Suzanne told us to get up from our bags and go do some exercise with Troy.
We went over to Troy and did some exercise. “Put your heel on the ground and your foot in the air” so we put our heel on the ground and our toes in the air. “Now what I want you to do is stretch your legs out as far as you can like your doing the splits” yelled Troy once again.

After awhile It was time to race. I was so nervous I couldn’t wait then I needed to go to the toilet until I heard it “READY STEADY GO!!!

I ran normal than spirited around the corner and about to fall splat on the ground. But I didn’t and if I did I would just get up and move on. Off I went as I turned another corner and saw Stephen taking photo’s. I saw some stairs I ran as fast as a sail fish up to it and roared up. I loved going up the stairs because they were very fun. I scooped myself up the last stair and plonked onto the grass. I ran right around the the field until I saw the last little bit of the race, I was going to come 5th but I didn’t want to I wanted to bet my last place which was 5th.

Then I pasted Isra I couldn’t believe my eyes I came 4th! I hurt my knee on the way but I didn’t care.

My favourite part of the cross country was going up the stairs. I felt very good for coming fourth in the cross country.   

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Integrity video

Reading With Fluency And Expression

SUCCESS CRITERIA: To be successful I need to...

- Read at a steady pace, not too fast or not too slow
- Read each sentence with accuracy, not making too many mistakes
- Use good phrasing, paying attention to punctuation and sentence structure
- Change my voice to show feeling or to sound like different characters

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cardboard Robots

WALT: Layer corrugated card to create a Robot   

To be successful we need to....
 - Create a corrugated body section
 - Have at least 2 layers of corrugated card on main parts
 - Use a variety of different shapes
 - Cut shapes correctly
 - Use a ruler
 - Not show pencil lines
 - Fill up empty spaces
 - Stick pieces on with lots of glue

 - Create robot features