Thursday, 29 October 2015

Fear Writing

 Hit by spiders and crabs

It all started on a beautiful day in Vietnam, with my family. As we strode along the path of the shadowy forest we came to a  opening. We didn’t know where to go. “Left, Right, forwad or going back.” I thought to myself. Mum and Dad decided to go left, Grace was happy with that idea. (she always says go left probably because she is left handed. Caitlin whispered “ whats the time” “Its about 2 o’clock” Dad replied. Rosalind elegantly dances around the trees in a musical voice singing I thought is was night. 

We marched down into the dark scary trees as I hear scuttling nosies at my feet…

As we tramped out of the gloomy forest I see fluffy hairy things scatted all over the place. Even worse hard snippy creatures…

Evil voices were screaming in the distance.  Light rushed through the trees.  We walk out into the opening where massive house were sticking out of the ground.  The windows were open with dark gloomy shadows reflecting in the light.  We gather together for a happy photo until a black hairy monster appears in front of the lens. I felt as terrified as being chased by a bull.  The gravity pulls our mouths down from happy smiles. Our eyes switch left, right, up and down.  I don’t know what to do. I turn around but everyone has gone. I look to 2 bushes and a tree that can keep me safe below them i see caitlin making gestures for me to come over. I sprint over to her. Something hard snip at my leg. Blood trickled down my body. Caitlin is about 10 meters away. I keep running until I hear a crunch I turn around to see a broken shell. I look up to the sky and down come a black 8 legged thing. I stand up again and keep sprinting as hard as i can. I feel something plop on my head.  My head shakes and I see the thing sliding down my face I jump. And skid into Caitlin. She catches me, I give her a big hug. (If your wondering I am only five.). I was shaking as much as a substantial earthquake.

I feel the pain pinging in my leg. I have scratches all over my face. Dad and Mum and dad run over to us. Rosalind and grace strode over to us. They a freaked out to. We all a badly hurt. Dad pulls me onto his shoulders and we march out of the terrifying opening.