Saturday, 12 December 2015

Maths Perimeter

Here is my perimeter maths I have done

WALT: Figure out the easiest ways to show perimeter

Reflection: next time I need to make my video shorter. I think I did well on showing how to do the maths the easiest ways to do it.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Game Instuctions

Here are my game instructions I used for Thursday and Friday a few weeks ago when we did our Arcade.  

WALT: Make a game to show what do do before after and during a earthquake.

Reflection: I did well on welcoming people to my game. Next time i need to make less stages because it take a long time for someone to complete it.

MineCraft Slide

WALT: Make a Minecraft Classroom what it should look like next year as a modern learning enviroment

Game Writing

Hi I am a different person. You probably do not know of me. Unless you have given me a whopper make over.   I am in a arcade I will tell you the story of my life. So it all started when I came to this shop at the dead of night. I was flashing green when I saw it. I decided to walk inside. Electric blue surrounded me. Suddenly I saw light slowly creep towards it. The shop was called Arcade Tube.
I hear air it sounds like it came from behind me. Just before I can look around. My rear end gets sucked into a tube and then the rest of my body. I feel as scared as if I were being chased by a bull.

                          So now I am here in a game. This is the game with no name. So everyday I almost die. And I do die but I come back to life. This my usual life. Uh Oh. Here comes someone and she's about to play my game! 

                        Right are you ready for me to tell you my basic life in a game.
So this person here is just changing my looks. I was horrified the first time someone did that to me
She pressed play I am running I leap into the air I try to stop but it never works. Oh no! here comes my worst nightmare.