Sunday, 31 July 2016

Discovery Time Week 2

This week for discovery time I did sewing a played with bubber  At the start of the day I played with the bubber. I made my name and crafted some sculptures.

It felt ♥️ very light and fluffy
It looked👀 hard a sort of like play dough
It was👇🏻Bubber Foam

After brunch I did sewing. I am making a pillow with patches. I started of by getting four different fabrics. Next I cut out squares of 3 of the fabrics. Then I sewed on the 3 squares onto the fourth fabric with was still as it a started of as. Before sewing on the squares I halfed the fourth bit of fabric. I sewed some more patches on the other half. That is all I got time for next week I will finish or I might do it at home.

It felt ♥️ the fabric felt soft
It looked👀 like and unfinished pillow
It was👇🏻 a unfinished pillow

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