Thursday, 31 March 2016

Massy University Students

Today (1st of April Thursday) we showed our learning to some of the massy university students. The learning we showed was our SLCT12016 learning which stands for student led conference term 1 2016. You can see some of these posts if you scroll down. The posts are called. The Treaty of Waitangi, One Word, Camp Gone Wrong Family Tree and Camp.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Camp Gone Wrong 2016 Portfolio Post

Description: We had to write three pieces of writing and chose which one we would post. The options were your embarrassing writing your buddy challenge writing or your camp. I chose camp writing. 
This is how my story goes....

                                                          Camp Gone Wrong

“I can’t wait till camp” I shout to my friends. Still about 30 minutes wait until we get to camp. “At least we don’t have to walk” says my friend. That's exactly when the bus breaks down. We snatch at our bags to try find our own “Oh no” I scream at myself . My bag was on the other bus. Maybe it wasn't so bad after all I mean I didn’t have to carry a suitcase. It took us an hour to get there instead of 30 minutes.

Finally we reached El Rancho. I was starlight up on cleaning the silly toilets. My toilet was the dirtiest of them all, of course. I was still cleaning when all the others left. “ I bet everyone forgot about me” I say to myself. 

It was time to put our stuff in our cabins. That's when I realise everyone already has except for ME. WHY ME, my head screeches at me. I throw my stuff on the top bunk then climb up the ladder to make it look better. I tumble back down the ladder. and “OUCH” I scream at the t of my lungs. “I QUIT CAMP” I squeal so everybody can hear. 

“Hello” “I am just reminding you, have to clean the toilets” right now. “RIGHT NOW” 

Feedback/Feedback  I think you did well on making your end interesting. Next time you could add more language features.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I statement Video

we have been learning about how to use I statements and when you should say it. Basically an I statement is something that you say to tell someone your feelings. This is how an I statement is said 
I feel...... when......because.... Here is an example of an I statement. I feel happy when you say nice things to me because it makes me feel good. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Family Tree 2016 Portfolio Post

Every Monday after lunch some of poutama do ET Reo with Elly and Troy. Lately we have been doing our whakapapa which is our family trees. I made mine on a website called family echo. All we had to do was write our family's details. The bottom line is you your sisters and your cousins. In the middle line there is your aunties uncles and parents. And on top is the grandparents. This is how my family tree turned out.

Feedback/FeedForward: I like the way you have done lots of people in your family tree so I can see who is in a your family. Next time I think that you need to make the names more clearer. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Camp 2016 Portfolio Post

Description: On Tuesday we went to El Rancho. From school to Waikanae it took an hour and a bit. When We got there we had found our cabins and did a little activity with our cabin group. This activity was discover El Rancho. There were ten activities on camp. My favourite bit was the bonfire, smores and spotlight.

Feedback: I think you added a lot of information 

Feedforward: you should try and add more drawing

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One Word 2016 Portfolio Sample

 Description: First we chose a one word for 2016. A one word is a goal that you aim for. Then we shared our word through Twitter and why we chose this word. After that Elly took a photo of us pretending to hold a sign. Then we practise making a piece of art that showed our word. We did at least 3 drafts. For our drafts we measured how far our sign needed to be and how fat. Next we used a ruler to measure what we measured and drew it down on the paper. Then wrote our word in a creative way in between the measured lines. After that we coloured the word and background in. My one word is trust. Finally we did a good copy and stuck it on our photo that Elly took.This is what is could look like. 

 I chose this word because I think I need to trust people more often.

Feedback: I like the way you stayed with the same theme with your whole word.

Feedforward: next time you could make some letters more visible.

Evaluation: I think I did well on making each letter creative.
Next time I think I need to work on making the outline darker on the letters.

Camp Goals 2016

Next week we are going on camp. We had to set some goals for our self my goals are....   

To take risks this will help me with my one word because I have to trust others to take risks.
My other goal. Is to try new things it will help me with my one word because I can trust others about there opinions.