Thursday, 23 June 2016

Seed2table Science

Description: This week for science Room 13 did seed2table. Before brunch we did some cooking, We made minestrone soup, potato and leek bake and bread. We had to chop up lots of vegetables and put them in a large pot we also added red kidney beans and tomatoes in a can. We stirred it together and made some soup that we will eat after lunch. Our next rotation was plants. We had to grab 2 paper towel joint together then we soaked the paper towels in a pan of water after that we chose some seeds I choose carrots. Then we had to spread the seeds out on the paper bag and put them in a bag.


Feedback/Feedforward I like the way you took a clear photos of your seed.

Evaluation: I think that the seeds will grow a sprout in 2 weeks.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

E T Reo

Description: Every Monday some children from poutama go a do something called Kapa Haka while the others from poutama who chose not to do Kapa Haka do something called E T Reo. I chose not to do Kapa Haka so I do E T Reo. What we are focusing on is learning things that you would have on your dinner table in māori. We also learn't a new māori song.  Here is some photos of my groups kahoot.

Feedback/Feedforward: I the way you made lots of things to show your learning. Next time you could make some more questions to your quiz.
-Jayde H🐶

Evaluation: I found it tricky trying to finish everything in the time that we had. I fixed this problem by working in out of school times.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Douglas Park Sports Exchange Portfolio Sample

On Tuesday Douglas Park School came to Russell Street School. We were playing 5 different sports. The five sports were Hockey, Basketball, Netball, Soccer and Rugby. My choice was Hockey. There were 3 teams for hockey the A team the B team and the C team. Each team would play a 1 game. Overall for hockey the A team lost the B team won and lastly the C team Lost ;-(. What both school were playing for was trophies and a Flag. In the end Douglas Park school took the flag away. Each year Douglas Park School will still be our competitive friends. Next year if your a year 5 or 6 you will go to Douglas Park School and then the next year they will come to us

Here is a little clip about how some people feel about Douglas Park Sports.

Feedback/FeedForward I like the you added some humor in it next time you could speak a bit louder.
- Aria J

Evaluation: Next time I think I could be more accurate in what I am saying.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Science - Weather Inquiry - Portfolio Post

Description: For Poutama in science we have been learning about The Moon Weather and Plants. Every week on friday we will be with another teacher from usual. Nic's class work with Troy Elly's Class work with Nic and Troy Class work with Elly. Next week i will be with Elly doing seed2table with plants but this week I am with Troy. We have been learning about weather. Nic's class have been doing experiments. I choose to be with a buddy my buddy was Jayde. Our experiment was how to make snow. Here is a slide and video showing all about our learning.

Feedback/Feedforward: Imlike the way you explained lots of information about how is snow formed. Next time you could add more examples about your question.
-Charlotte W 😀

Evaluation: next time I could add more examples about my question.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Cross Country

My goal for cross country is to come in the top 5 because I would love to go to interschool and I have been practising for this moment.