Sunday, 31 July 2016

Discovery Time Week 2

This week for discovery time I did sewing a played with bubber  At the start of the day I played with the bubber. I made my name and crafted some sculptures.

It felt ♥️ very light and fluffy
It looked👀 hard a sort of like play dough
It was👇🏻Bubber Foam

After brunch I did sewing. I am making a pillow with patches. I started of by getting four different fabrics. Next I cut out squares of 3 of the fabrics. Then I sewed on the 3 squares onto the fourth fabric with was still as it a started of as. Before sewing on the squares I halfed the fourth bit of fabric. I sewed some more patches on the other half. That is all I got time for next week I will finish or I might do it at home.

It felt ♥️ the fabric felt soft
It looked👀 like and unfinished pillow
It was👇🏻 a unfinished pillow

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Discovery Time Reflection

Today (Monday) we did discovery time which we will be doing every week on Monday. Discovery time is where poutokomanawa and poutama get to together and do lots of different activities. This week I did the rotation art. What I made was a hand with lots of lines. To make it look a affective I added colour. This is how I made my art. First I drew line going in lots of directions going of the page. Then I drew my hand in the centre of the page. Now it looks like a hand with lots of line around and on it. To make it the hand stand out I put hot colours on the hand. The lines should seperate each piece of my hand. At the end I coloured in the background in cold colours.

I learn't about using different textures to make my art look REALLY COOL!!!!