Sunday, 28 August 2016


For Calendar art this term we have been doing self portraits. We had to think about what represents us and draw the ideas down. That was the first stage. Then we practiced using paint and pastel for our backgrounds that was the second stage. After that we got some card and drew a self portrait of ourselves on it. The last thing we did was the background. We used paint pastel and dye to make the background look effective. Here is a slide showing some effects we used and the finished piece.



This term for writing poutama got split up depending on there writing goals. I was in troys group. We were writing about a tennis ball video. We watched a video and put some words in our books that the video reminded us of what was happening. after that we thought of what our words could do in a story. I decided I wanted to do mine about Birds and Avalanches. Here is my story.   

 Here is the link to our tennis ball video we watched:

Feedback/FeedForward: I like the way you did not talk a single thing about tennis or tennis balls in your writing. Next time you could add some detail in some bits of your story

Evaluation: Next time I could add more information about some bits in my story.

Monday, 22 August 2016

BooK Buddies

For Reading we have been doing something called book buddies. So our teachers put us with another person with the same reading goal and us. then for reading we do tasks and read the same book and each week we do a discussion about what we have read. Here is Rosie and My book buddy slide.
Feedback/Feedforward:I like the way you filled in all the days of what you have been doing. Next time you could add some more information about your book. Bella L

Evaluation: I think that next time I should add a lot more information about my book.

Measurement Rich Task

Description: For Maths we have been focusing on Measurement. First our teachers gave us a rich task with no learning to help us. After that we did workshops on everything we felt stuck on. When we felt that we had done enough workshops they gave us the same rich task. Here is a slide showing both of our tasks and feedback and feedforward from our teacher and learning buddy.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Panekiretanga Assessment

This term we have a new goal which is panekiretanga which means excellence. We did an assessment on panekiretanga here is my excellence goals and were a bouts i think i am at with this goal.